Green Building Supplies

Bradfords Group considers the environment as a priority in our business strategy. We play our part by reducing our Carbon footprint as well as supplying a range of energy saving solutions and renewable products, helping to reduce the regions carbon impact.

Environmental Policy

Bradfords is a distributor of building materials and timber products for use in the building industry. We continually seek to improve our environmental performance and reduce any adverse impacts on the environment, in addition to complying fully with all relevant statutory Regulations.

Bradfords will seek to minimise any disturbance to the local environment and to the quality of life of the local communities within which the Company operates.

Where possible we will source products for resale from suppliers who have a sound Environmental Policy.

We also recognise Forest Forever Environmental Timber Purchasing Policy which states our commitment to sourcing all timber from sustainable and legal sources and we will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating within the laws of their Country.

Bradfords will continually seek to source and supply environmentally sound building products as an option to standard products. Training is given to staff to improve awareness of these products.

We will endeavour, within the constraints of good commercial practice, to use recycled paper and card in administrative and clerical services.

We will reduce consumption of energy for heating and lighting by use of energy audits.

Bradfords will comply with all relevant waste disposal legislation and seek to significantly reduce or eliminate waste. In addition, any waste removed from our premises is traced to final disposal. Most is sorted to ensure all possible recycling is carried out. We will support and encourage behaviour that improves environmental awareness across the group. In recognition of this, we support local Waste Minimisation Groups.

When selecting and servicing plant and vehicles, emphasis will be placed on environmental factors and energy requirements. In utilisation, cost effective routing will be balanced against customer service.